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introduction post

Name: sarah
Age: twenty
Birthday: march 5th
Favorite Style: sort of classic sweet, and classic goth, but mostly i just love lolita looks that are more demure than flashy.
How Long you've been into Lolita: i've sort of admired the lolita aesthetic for a few years (5 or 6), but never really begun to wear it, only buying the occasional be-ribboned cardigan here or lacy tanktop there. i had more of a suburban babypunk aesthetic, but have outgrown that and now i am starting to feel adventurous enough to start pushing the lolita influence into my life/wardrobe.
What part of N.S. you live in: i come from montreal but am in halifax for the year, attending King's, homesick and lonely and daydreaming. although i may come back next year , i most likely am only around for this one.


I was excited to find a NS comunity, I didn't know one existed :O

Name: Tess
Age: 19
Birthday: September 14th
Favorite Style: Sweet-Classic or casual.
How Long you've been into Lolita? About a year, I'd say.
What part of N.S. you live in
: Halifax. If you see an awkward-looking lolita flitting around the Dalhousie campus, it's probably me XD

Have a lovely day~
Name: Toni
Age: 22 in Jan
Birthday: Jan 31 1990
Favorite Style: Classic Lolita
How Long you've been into Lolita: I've been interested for over a year, but I am only now taking the plunge!
What part of N.S. you live in: Eastern Passage.

I'm kinda sad this comm is so empty. :( There is also an FB group for Lolita. Maybe we could try spreading the word there or on the EGL Canada page.

Spring Lolita Meet and greet location

 For more information on the earlier post, the decision is now Steak and Stein in Halifax.



 When: April 29th 2011
Where: TBA (Probably in the Halifax area)
Time: 4:00PM-5:30PM


'Since there is a lovely jpop dance being held at the forum, I figured a lot of us would be going and we could get together before hand and have a meet and greet dinner! Since there is a cosplay contest and other things going on at the dance I would like to stress that Lolita is optional for this dinner. I know a lot of you guys will be dressing up for the dance, and it might not be lolita and that's cool.

So I looked up some restaurants near the forum and I've come up with a list that we can mull over and decide where we want to go:
The Brooklyn WareHouse, Michael's Bar & Grill, Look Ho Ho Restaurant, and Pizza Hut are all the closest to the Forum. I know Look Ho Ho/pizza hut are pretty good restaurants, the other two have mixed reviews.

If there is anywhere else you'd like to try just post it on the board and we'll see what everyone else is interested in!


Facebook page



 Hello everyone, and welcome to the new livejournal community focusing on Nova Scotian Lolitas.
We're new, of course, so we don't have much, but feel free to join!
There aren't many rules, mostly only common sense. Please don't be rude to each other, cut long posts, don't post non-lolita related entries, no personal attacks, etc.
Also, you must live in Nova Scotia to join this community, of course.
Anyways, I hope we grow into a larger group! Please introduce yourselves when you join:

Favorite Style:
How Long you've been into Lolita
What part of N.S. you live in:



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